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White Morpho Inner Circle is a global community of individuals committed to fully realizing and expressing their own inherent Beauty and Power, and Experiencing their fullest potential for Joy. 

As a member of the White Morpho Inner Circle, you will gain access to our ever-growing library of Self-Mastery training videos... Plus LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls with your mentor, Hamilton Souther!

Begin Your Membership To WMIC Today And Receive Instant Access To:


  • 20:39 Video Training
  • Overcome Your Negative Inner Dialogue
  • Boost Confidence Through The Roof
  • Activate Your Inner Hero
  • Experience Life Fearlessly
  • Harmonize Your Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind for Success


  • 19:48 Video Training
  • DELETE Your Bad Habits
  • Reprogram Your Brain To Transcend Your Self-Sabotaging Mental Patterns
  • Optimize Your Will-Power To Achieve Your Goals As Quickly As Possible
  • Install Behaviors That Will Bring You Success In Life
  • Bring Your Subconscious Into Alignment With Your Goals


  • 19:53 Video Training
  • Activate Passion and Self-Motivation Effortlessly
  • "Hack" Your Brain To Overcome Laziness
  • Become More Productive and Accelerate Toward Your Life Goals
  • Experience Total Clarity About What Activities and Pursuits Will Bring You The MOST Fulfillment


  • 21:04 Video Training
  • Achieve Complete Emotional Equanimity and Inner Peace at the Snap of Your Fingers
  • Experience the Supreme Bliss of The Present Moment (ALL THE TIME :-)
  • Shine Your Inner Light Like a Beacon of Hope and Truth For Everyone You Come In Contact With
  • Access The Cosmic Wisdom that Lives at The Core of Your Being

Plus Four New Digital Training Session Added Each Month, Designed Specifically to Help You Experience Life as the Powerful, Balanced, Joyful Being You Are At Your Core.

If you're at all interested in Experiencing Life as you are MEANT to -- Joyfully, Powerfully, Passionately, and Purposefully -- the training you will receive in The White Morpho Inner Circle will help you achieve life-changing results in the shortest amount of time. 

I hope you take advantage of this "free test drive" of White Morpho Inner Circle. I truly believe that the training videos and coaching calls will work wonders for you in helping you achive your Life Goals.

And I hope to meet you inside, real soon :-)

Love & Light,

Hamilton Souther


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